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Vector2 consists two floats, x and y. Similar to Matrices, Vectors also have two methods of accessing their variables.

Namely, you can access them directly, or using the [] operator, similar to an array.

The following example uses both methods:

float Vector2::Dot(const Vector2& other) const {
	return asArray[0] * other.x + asArray[1] * other.y;

Vector2 also features the following utility functions:

  • Dot
  • Magnitude
  • MagnitudeFast, which omits the square root function call, providing a very helpful speedboost.
  • Distance
  • Normalize
  • Angle, returns the angle between this and another Vector2

The following utility functions return *new* Vector2 objects:

  • Project
  • Perpendicular
  • Reflection
  • Clamp, clamps the vector between a given min and a max.
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