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2x2 Matrix

A 2×2 matrix can be constructed as an identity matrix or you can specify the values you'd like entered as floats.

The values of the matrix are stored in such a way that you can access them both by the [] operator, and as member variables.

As an array:

float ImpulsePhysics::Matrix2x2::Determinant() const {
	return asArray[0] * asArray[3] - asArray[1] * asArray[2];

As variables:

float ImpulsePhysics::Matrix2x2::Determinant() const {
	return _11 * _22 - _12 * _21;

2×2 matrices offer the following functions within their class:

  • Transpose
  • Determinant
  • Inverse
  • Adjugate (aka adjoint)

Note that none of these functions will modify the current matrix object, rather they return a new 2×2 matrix with the operation applied.

As part of the ImpulsePhysics::Matrices namespace, you also get access to these utility functions:

  • Cut2x2, which 'cuts' a 2×2 matrix out of a 3x3 matrix
  • Minor
  • Cofactor
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