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3x3 Matrix

The 3×3 Matrix features the same methods of accessing its variables as the 2x2 Matrix; but of course, has an extra column and row.

In addition to the base identity and custom matrix constructors, the 3×3 matrix also has constructors for:

  • A 3×3 rotation matrix constructed by means of a rotation vector and the angle in degrees.
  • A 3×3 rotation matrix constructed with pitch, yaw and roll in degrees.

The 3×3 Matrix also features additional functions in its class. Here is the complete list:

  • Transpose
  • Determinant
  • Inverse
  • Adjugate
  • RotateX, RotateY and RotateZ, all of which rotate the matrix by the given angle around their respective axis as the name dictates.
  • RotateAxis, which rotates this matrix for the given angle around the given axis.
  • Rotate, which takes pitch, yaw, and roll in degrees.

As part of the ImpulsePhysics::Matrices namespace, you also get access to these utility functions:

  • Cut3x3, which 'cuts' a matrix out of a 4x4 matrix
  • Minor
  • Cofactor
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